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Hiro Hirotaka
Mixed Media Artist

Hiro Hirotaka

Mixed Media Artist


Hiro Hirotaka - USPP(unspeakable pictue project)
We are developing a project that attempts to communicate with people, objects, and plants, including those who have passed away, with whom we are currently unable to converse.
This theme of communication, which initially started with the idea of talking to people who were not in front of me, is now being applied to communication not only with people, but also with various things, including distance, fantasy, pauses, and recently, the process of making a panel, drawing a picture, and applying Japanese paper over it. I attempts to create my works by repeating the process of dialogue with objects, starting from the process before painting, which is to create a support.
The motifs have changed from war, canoes, the Seven Lucky Gods, cacti, and supports from canvas to Japanese paper, but each work was painted using both acrylic and oil paints.

The pay phone, which he painted before, communicates with people who are not in front of him, including those who have passed away,
In the war, I was trying to communicate with the past, (the moment when the negative aspect becomes something when it becomes a painting).
The canoe motif communicates with people who have recently been involved with the canoe (the canoe was made with many people as part of an art project).
The seven gods of good fortune motif communicates with gods that we have never seen be-fore,
The cactus motif communicates with a unique being from overseas.

Production Process
The artist paints an abstract image on a panel and then applies thin Japanese paper so that the abstract image can be seen through the panel.
After drafting, he draws lines by dropping acrylic paint in a bottle, then drops oil paint into the gaps with a painting knife or other tool.
No brushes are used in the process so that the accidental nature of the work can also function as a part of it.


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