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The Ultimate Sacrifice
Anjana Varghese

The Ultimate Sacrifice



Title: The Ultimate Sacrifice
Year: 2021
Size: 50cm x 60cm
Technique: Oil Painting on Canvas

“For you, I offer myself. I would give my life to you. My soul, my time, my energy all I offer to you. In return I expect nothing as sacrifice is always one sided.”
Sacrifice is inevitable in life. At each given moment, you’re sacrificing one thing for another. Time for money, money for experiences, energy for others. When you are young you have time and energy, but no money. In your adult years you have money and energy, but no time. And finally when you are old you have time and money, but no energy. Health is wealth after all.
One who does not look within themselves are lost forever. One who does not understand the world around you, will forever be ignorant. I invite you all to reflect as in the end the only question that matters is why? Why you do the things you do? Why you believe the things you believe? Why you are the way you are?
For at the end of the road, you are alone, with only your mind for company. Life only makes sense after you have lived it, then you look back in time to discover yourself but by then it’s too late. In life you are always giving something up for another. You are always choosing between different options, hoping you choose wisely, yet you never know for sure. What should I sacrifice? Why should I sacrifice?

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