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Nano Uesugi

Nano Uesugi



Nano Uesugi | Painter | Japan

First solo exhibition (2019)
• Tokyo Independent Exhibition] (Tokyo University of the Arts) (2019)
• Yokohama Design College High school (Graduation. 2020) • Student at Musashino Art University (2021-)

My art work is based on the theme of "daily memories."
It is left in the work as a way to keep things such as casual scenes and air in daily life.
The same event will never happen again. That's why I want to shape this moment.
"I want to go back to those days" "I want to taste the air of those days."
This can be said to be a work that evokes the memory of "that time". Life is a monotonous rhythm that is natural and not interesting. However, there is a warmth such as family and friends and a somewhat reassuring atmosphere.
The flow of time is flowing faster than we can imagine. As I remember fun events over and over again, they fade away and disappear, and I forget them.
I'm afraid that my dear memory, the "daily life" of this moment will someday become a distant existence and disappear.
However, I feel that the daily life that I think is "natural" because of fear is ephemeral and precious. That's why I take photos, audio, videos, by drawing with words and a paintbrush, it was converted to "expression" and kept a record day by day.
But that was also limited. If it's just vision, the feeling of air can't be transmitted. It's diffi-cult for you to get into that memory yourself.
From this, I am not only the warmth of everyday life in the space of installation, but also the painful and coldness, I challenged myself to create a work that gently enveloped eve-rything.
This allows you to see from multiple perspectives, and you can use not only vision but also hearing and touch, so you can enter the world of memory more. As a current means of expression, we continue to study expression activities by incorporating faint memories and abstract air into installations and oil paintings. At first glance, my work may look like self-satisfaction or self-contained.
But it’s not.
From now on, I would like to communicate with others through my work and continue to ask questions about their habits and daily life.
The painting to be exhibited this time is the second work in a series called "plastics" that challenged a new expression.
This art work is a work that gently envelops the memory, and the author himself likes it very much.


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