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Yuika Asoi




Title of work: Traveler Shooting date: November 22, 2020 Size: 5.9 MB Size technical data: NIkond810 Additional information Location: Nagatoro Town, Chichibu District, Saitama Prefecture, Japan Nagatoro, the shooting location, has been loved by many people as a tourist destination since the Meiji era. Even now and in the past, I chose this title with the thought of a traveler who came to see this beautiful scenery and was moved. I pondered the theme of this exhibition, FABLE, and photographed the extraordinary things that are inherent in everyday life that we do not notice in our daily lives but can be found by using our imagination. I took these 5 photos with the theme of "Nagatoro". Nagatoro is a tourist destination in Saitama prefecture known for its beautiful mountain streams and cobblestones. I photographed the beautiful colors of autumn leaves and autumn plants reflected from the setting sun on the shallow riversides and ponds of Nagatoro. They showed me beautiful and unrealistic scenery under natural conditions that change in an instant, such as the wind and the sunlight at that time. Artist: Yuika Asoi

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