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Utaellamarie Peter

Utaellamarie Peter



After long years of working as a chemical engineer, I met a paintbrush that brought a lot of col-our and creativity into my life. I now work as a freelance artist and prefer to paint in acrylics and oils, but I am constantly learning new techniques which I use as required.
My work is mostly figurative or semi-abstract. I often deal with non-human animals in all their amazing diversity. But I am also interested in social and (environmental) political themes.
To combine these contents surprisingly, with visual eloquence and, despite all seriousness, sometimes also wittily, that is the aim of my painting - I like to tell stories.
In addition to painting, I create sculptures out of clay or paper-clay.
I live with my husband and two dogs in Rheinhessen/Germany.

"...And then the paintbrush came into my life".


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