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Julia Brodshaug




Title: “Dismantled”.
Year of execution: 2021.
Size: 70*100 cm.
Technical data: Acrylics on fibreboard (framed).
It started with a huge dismantled frame, and ended up with one of my best artworks, and the start of my creative career online. This piece has both a huge sentimental and educational value to me personally, and I am so happy to share this piece with all of you. «Dismantled» reminds me that art is not just about perfecting details. Art is also about creating something as a whole with an authentic expression, and then deconstructing it. In “Dismantled” I focused on big and bold movements. But it is first when the piece is seen up-close, while dismantling it, one can truly appreciate its chaotic and indecisive nature, reflecting my emotions while painting. The specs of orange and waves of blue moving in different directions creates something unique and truly imperfect. For me, this piece represents freedom and the chaotic nature of our emotions, as well as my personal growth as an artist. The piece also reminds me of my home, Norway, with it’s colours heavily inspired by the colours found where pieces of driftwood and chunks of ice are floating through the norwegian fjords.

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