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Drowning Picture

Drowning Picture



Each one of us is different.
These words are often heard in the world these days. Of course, as a species, we have gained a great deal by creating a definition of what it means to be human. But we are one organism, and we have a will.
As such, we cannot be grouped together as a species.
I believe that art is not limited to pictures, but is a vast multiplication of different worlds and ideas, depending on the person who drew it, communicated it, or saw it. True art is a place where people's desires and aspirations can be poured out passionately. And, if you want, it should be able to move other people's hearts.
I love to paint. At first it was just a note to my world, my mental images that were different from reality, and the emotions that my mind saw and felt. As long as I could give it shape and leave it on paper, I was satisfied.
Then I learned the technical end of drawing more realistically, and started sketching something, or drawing a scene I liked in my mind. Looking at painters' works, animation works, manga, etc., I encountered many emotions, worlds, and landscapes, and discov-ered the skill and power of the pen and brush, and really liked the depth of painting.
Now I draw with oil paints, or, as I like to do for a while now, with ballpoint pens, ink pens, pencils, and many other things.
Now I am thinking of going to a place where I can learn painting techniques, and while I am building up my knowledge and skills, I am facing this "drawing" from many angles so that I will not forget my own artistic quest and the world I have seen.
There are other places for me to see, to draw, and of course to express myself besides painting. I am sure that I will continue to be a living being searching for a life that I can be passionate about, whether it is a story or an emotion.


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