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Stefanie Schairer

Stefanie Schairer



I am living and working mainly in Berlin, Germany. During the last years I did often collaborations with artists form South Korea and NYC, USA. Collaborations with other artists to the same theme but on different places. I am working mainly in painting, video, installation and interactive/immersive happenings/performances in public space.
My background is art therapy (MA) and social work.
In my abstract playful paintings I am using the color as an initial point. My observations and explorations about relationships and behaviour between several materials and the relationship between persons is my source for my creative work. I am working with different materials and paint and experimenting with several shapes, forms and textures in my work.

Painting – installation – experimental video/photography – performance, interaction in public space. 2010 – 2013: Master of Arts for Art Therapy at Kunsthochschule, Weissen-see, Berlin, Art Therapist (MA), Germany. Since 2010: freelancer, miss flower – projects in cultural education and art. 1986 – 1989: Bachelor in Social Work, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany.
Residencies abroad: 2006 residency for four months for Social Studies in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA/ 2009 residency for one month for art in Bushwickstudio, New York, USA/ 2012, residency for two months for Art and Art Therapy, New York City, USA/ 2013, residency for one month, Bushwickstudio, APP residency in New York City, USA/ 2014, residency for one month, Bushwickstudio, APP residency in NYC, USA/ 2015, studio with Sarah Valerie in Brooklyn for our project „It is a long trip – you will have to be patient!

Publications, awards: 2021, artwork selected for publication, art magazine SPOTLIGHT/ 2021, artwork selected for publication in the 6th issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine/ 2016, WALK WITH THE ARTIST, catalogue/ 2015, catalogue, NEUE SINNLICH-KEIT“, Magdeburg/ 2014, WETTBÜRO#3, performance/ 2012, LIMITED sketchbook project, NYC – The Arthouse Project/ 2011, artist of the month June for interaction in public space, berlinerpool, Berlin.

Selected shows: Upcoming show, ART TELEPORTED, 2022, CICA MUSEUM, Gimpo. South Korea/ 2021: Galerie Parterre, group exhibit, Berlin, Germany - M.A.D.S gallery, group exhibit „Phìlo Poem“, Milano, Italy/ 2020: Lacuna Festival, sound installation/online - How to you walk a line?, Performance/video/book - Kunsthalle Below, Germany/ 2019: Artspring, Berlin, open studio/ 2018: Kap-HOORN ART for Contemporary Art, group show, Bremen, Germany/ 2017: „Something in betweeen“ show with Jung In Kim, gallery LIFE, Seoul/ 2016: „It is a long trip – you will have to be patient!“, project and show with Sarah Valeri (NYC) in NYC and Berlin/ 2015: NEUE SINNLICHKEIT“ festival in a former prison, „There is more than one“, interactive installation, group show, Magdeburg, Ger-many - „It is a long trip – you will have to be patient!“, project with Sarah Valerie, NYC, show in Berlin and NYC/ 2014 : „Open HOUSE“, group show in BUSHWICK, NYC - „Se-cond time Around“, Museum of Shennandoah Valleys, Virginia - „ BLIND DATE IN SILENCE“, performance WETTBÜRO#3, Berlin/ 2013: „BLIND DATE“, performance and happening, Figment Festival, Philadelphia - „Creatives Rising“, exhibition space and Skyscraper, Long Island City, NYC - „MISS MISS – BANG BANG“, JJ&SS, Cafe Not-haft und Seidel, Berlin - „BLIND DATE“, performance and happening, ART&Tours, Berlin - „home“, Nothaft und Seidel, Berlin - „Time frame“, Performance directed by Mahela Ros-tek, „Frühlingserwachen, Berlin/ 2012: „Out of Place_an ongoing archive on noma-dism“, CORPO 6 Gallery - JJ&SS, Gallery Ken Marquis, Scranton, USA/ 2011: Language is Luxory – office of unspoken words, interaction and communication in public, 48h Neu-kölln, Studio Weichselplatz, Berlin, Germany - Diversity desireable!, interaction and communication in public, community centre Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany - HOME GAME, paintings and drawings, Kunstwerkhaus, Albstadt- Please Continue, vol.2, with Tuomo Heikkinen, Kellarigalleria, Finland/ 2010: What to do with pink bags? Art festival 48h Neukölln, installation airport Tempelhof und Cafe Geschwister Nothaft, Berlin, Germany.


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