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Digital artist


Digital artist


I had many opportunities to visit art museums and experience art under the influence of my parents. I naturally fell in love with drawing. When I was a student, I studied mainly painting and design. After entering the workforce, I worked on space design and interior decoration. I was attracted to art that adds color to space. Art heals people's hearts and gives power to people. I became interested in painting such art and started working as an artist in 2020.

I paint with an eye toward colors that leave a lasting impression.
Colorful and vivid colors give me a positive feeling when I paint. This is something I have come to feel again since learning art therapy. I hope that people who see my paintings will feel cheerful and positive.
I draw mainly with colored pencils, but depending on what I want to express, I combine watercolor, pastel, acrylic, and digital. I am drawn to the colors of each painting medium.
I always draw illustrations with color as the theme, with girls freely enjoying their individuality, so I was very attracted to the concept of "yellow" in this exhibition.


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