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Acid slush

Acid slush



Title: acid slush
Year: 2022
Size: 3000 x 3000 pixels
Technique: photography, digital artwork

For the 2022 M.A.D.S. event „Adrenocromo for Dinner“, I've started fiddling around with some photos, until they would show certain characteristics. In the process, my focus was on textures, colors, and contrasts, obviously. Finally, I came up with a series of three. Despite being still-live snapshots, the works express movement and vibrancy. And they may carry a subliminal message. They have a bit of a psychedelic quality and therefore make kind of a drug-related impression. That makes a perfect fit in regards to the theme of the exhibition. I like the ambiguity in the works. Let's call it an „associative misunderstanding“, an ambivalence that evokes mystery ...and gives new insights on closer inspection. This artwork is called „acid slush“.
You might recognize tire marks in the mud which look like brushstrokes.
I put lots of saturation and some psychedelic colors on.
This evokes associations of corrosion or analog film burn fx.

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