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Sopho Mamaladze

Sopho Mamaladze



Sopho Mamaladze is a conceptual artist from Georgia and also a student and illustrator at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Sophie has been painting since childhood, but her serious attitude towards all these started when she was only 11 years old. She mainly works in mixed media and constantly searches herself, making sculptures and trying to connect different mediums. She participated in several group exhibitions and projects so far, but the most memorable for her was the competition of the Lithuanian Academy of Arts, where her crew got a huge success.
She draws characters-figures that express different emotions and important manifestations are interesting when we appear as an individual person. She often uses a mixed technique, in the name to explore more about her possibilities: acrylics, pastels, textiles and integration of them, are capable of making interesting artworks.
Her main goal, apart from giving herself the greatest pleasure by painting and the only way to express herself as much as possible, is also to make the viewer feel something from own experience, no matter melancholy or happiness.
Her main aim is that after seeing her exhibition, the artworks must be able to begin certain change inside at least one person’s consciousness and make them think about a specific issue that has been avoided so far.
The basic concept of her artistic poetics is that people are diverse and, in her artworks, she wants to feel that he/she can be sad, contemplative, happy, but never meaningless.
Except drawing, she feels good while she writes and she often associate poetry and painting. This research has led her to the point that often her notes are appeared as a background of the works, and in the foreground are certain moments that are related to each other and she thinks this part strenghtes her desire and ability to express herself as complete as possible.


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