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Morning Coffee
Daria Avdeeva

Morning Coffee



Title: Morning Coffee

Year: 2022

Size: 60x80cm

Technique: Oil on canvas

The painting is a beautiful and intimate portrayal of a recently awoken girl taking a moment to enjoy her first sip of coffee. The girl is depicted with a textured pink background layered on top of a traditional grey. Her face is covered by a facial mask, which suggests that she is taking time for some self-care.

The girl's expression is one of contentment and relaxation, with her eyes half closed. The coffee cup in her hands is lightly supported by the tips of the fingers.

The brushstrokes used to create the painting are soft and gentle, with a focus on capturing the girl's peaceful demeanor. The colors used are muted and calming, with shades of pink and grey dominating the background and the girl's clothing.
Overall, the painting is a lovely representation of a moment of quiet contemplation and self-care. It captures the beauty and simplicity of taking time out of a busy day to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and focus on oneself.

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