Music Room
Takashi Yasuoka

Music Room



Title: Music Room

Year: 2021

Size: 455× 380× 20mm

Technique: Oil on canvas

I love jazz music when my young, and also am an amateur contrabass player. This work draws a grand piano in my house, which my daughter plays. At first, I was drawing a deformed piano in reddish tone. After that, I felt that the red tone was too strong to feel a mild music. I continued changing the color composition from the reddish tone to neutral tone. Thereafter, I found that I could not hear any music from this painting. I did not want to draw a shape of the piano, but to express feeling of enjoyable sound. I drastically modified the shape of the piano, and delete a piano chair since that is unneeded. And white keys and black keys were re-drawn as that they were dancing. In this style, the shape of flowers should be simple. This work is finished from these processes.

I am happy if you feel some enjoyable music from this painting.