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Joshua Scranton
Digital Artist

Joshua Scranton

Digital Artist


Joshua grew up in midwestern USA and has been drawing since he could pick up pencil. When he was a child he always had a sketch book in one hand, pencil in the other, and headphones on. He lived in a world a lot of the time that derived from his imagination. He would draw worlds of space ships, fighter jets, robots, and city scenes. His family greatly encouraged his drawing and artistic development. Eventually Joshua he moved to Colorado and fell in love with the mountains, snow boarding, and he rekindled his interest in art. Joshua spent his senior year of high-school in an art studio drawing and building all sorts of projects. He eventually became interested in Industrial Design and concept art.

Upon graduating high-school Joshua started attending college for art and design. He loved Graphic design, Industrial design, painting, and figure drawing. During the later years of college Joshua became interested in product design and focused solely on product sketching. He also worked on numerous engineering projects, which oddly enough were the opposite of product sketching. When he graduated from college there were very few design jobs due to the GFC. Joshua intern started working in manu-facturing as an engineer. Joshua has experience in chemical, process, and quality engineering. A handful of years after college graduation Joshua landed his first product design position in the outdoor gear world. He loves the industry and still works in it today. Joshua‘s main professional focus is concept design as a Design Engineer. He works with Chinese CAD designers and this is where he has had to learn a-lot of Chinese over the last few years.

Joshua became a father to three beautiful children, while he was in college. He has two daughters and a son. He is still raising his son to this day. A lot of Joshua‘s art is about his children. He catalogs their life experiences via his digital art, sketching, and writing. He uses lines, mandarin, vivid colors, and effects to tell viewers a story about his life and thinking. Joshua as of late has been focusing on his journey to and or transition to redemption. His latest works are about ones path of redemption and all the steps along the way. They have a very science fiction and or cyberpunk look as he combines christian themes with chinese characters. Joshua loves the bible and the chinese language immensely. The sto-ries that both tell are priceless to him. He has been blessed to study and work with native chinese speakers and various biblical scholars off and on for a few years. Both have been a huge blessing to him. Joshua hopes to return to Asia in the near future as the pandemic subsides.

Currently Joshua has artworks in four countries, but would like to greatly expand that number. Joshua loves in depth conversation in all manner of topics, but really loves history. He feels we have a duty to seek the unknown, while remembering where we came from. Joshua feels we must dream of the fu-ture, while reaching back to the past, and being present within the relationships of those we love.


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