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Shana Vermeulen

Shana Vermeulen



Shana Vermeulen is a self-taught artist living in Belgium.
She's 31 years old and in love with the beauty of human kindness.
Living by herself at the early age of fifteen has taught her a lot about life and humanity.
By playing with the magic of the Universe Shana experienced the power of a positive mindset.
People often think it must have been hard growing up alone, but by never losing sight of her goals and effective decision making she reinvinted herself time after time. As she got older she discovered that everything happened for a reason and knowing that makes difficult times more exciting. There has to be some contrast in life to appreciate the sweet aspects of it more.
She mostly makes art on a spiritual level and tries to portray the connection between people's inner and outer worlds, how certain thought patterns affect your reality.
Shana's ultimate goal is having fun in what she does and inspire you to just enjoy life as it comes, to avoid thinking about worst-case scenarios and break negative illusions.
Shana makes acrylic paintings and clay works.
Using acrylic paint with various techniques gives her artwork the desired shapes and colors.
The natural elements which you can often find in her work represent our human-nature relationship.
You can find her art presented at different exhibitions:
CorArt Magazine 2021, Torino, Italy.
Virtual Artists – Summer Art Festival 2021, UK.
Guto Ajayu Culture – Anthology IV 2022, Madrid, Spain.
M.A.D.S. Art Gallery – COMING OUT, Milan, Italy.


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