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Bente Røyseth

Bente Røyseth



Bente is a Norwegian mixed media artist who has lived and worked in different countries, such as Canada, Denmark, England, Thailand and Norway, and has had several careers and businesses. She is a person who welcomes new challenges and opportunities, and is not afraid to try something new and different. Bente moved back to Norway in 2014 and has been painting full time since 2017. Since I started painting in 2003 my painting style has evolved gradually over the years to todays abstract expressionism and I find immense freedom in this way of painting. I paint intuitively with expressive brushstrokes and bold colours, it’s more about gesture, movement, intuition and deliberate colour choices. The colours I use feel energizing to me and I hope this energy is transferred to the painting and the viewer. I paint with acrylics but I enjoy incorporating different mediums to achieve contrast and interest. My inspiration may come from everyday encounters. The energies I pick up are used in my brushstrokes; bold, quick, deliberate, soft or gentle. I also get inspiration from peeling away layers within my inner self; becoming aware of different emotions, and transcending these to the work in progress.
My goal is that my work stirs some kind of emotion within the viewer.
- Galleria Azur Madrid: “Modern Archetypes”.
- Mjølog Meir, Ulsteinvik, Norway: Solo exhibition


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