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Luana Boric Jagodic

Luana Boric Jagodic



Luana was born in May, 2015. She was the happiest baby on the planet. When she first held the pencil she began to draw and never let go of that pencil. She was able to draw a very detailed portrait when she was only 2 years old.
After she got bigger, all she wanted, was to attend the painting class, and to learn from a real painter.
I remember when the doors of the painting school first opened, she said to me: ,,Mummy, I love the smell of the paint!'' After we visited and talked to an owner of the painting school, he said, she is to young to attend such a class. She was not even 5 years old at a time. I could understand but I knew, she wouldn't. So I asked the painter if he can just take a look at some of the drawings she did. And boy, was he surprised. He finally said, he'll be more than happy to have her in his class. And believe me, Luana's first words every single time the doors of painting school open, are: ”Mummy! Oh, how I love the smell of the paint!''
Luana is now 6 years old and she is becoming more and more skilled in painting. She already devel-oped her own style. Every time when she gets back from painting class, she takes a paper and starts drawing a bit more. She is never tired of drawing and painting. Never. She sure is a special kid. Not only because of her talent, but I admire the way she learned to escape in this magic world, a world of painting, every time she needs the escape. When she is sad or happy or sometimes, when it's just to much of everything for her, she knows exactly what to do. She doesn't cry, she is not bored. She takes a pencil or brush and starts to paint.
It took me some time to learn how to meditate, to feel the connection. Luana paints instead. This is her way of meditation. This is her life. I'm sure this will continue to be... her life.

(Luana’s Mom)


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