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Ayako Inakazu

Ayako Inakazu



My paintings:
Originally, there is no title for each of my paintings.
but a Buddhist word "sowaka", which means "May it be"
I paint with my fingertips with the Buddhist word "sowaka," which means "May you be-come"
I almost never use a brush for things found in nature and in our daily life.
I also do not decide on the direction in which to display them.
This is because the direction, angle, and the way of seeing varies from person to person.

Also, many people say, "Your paintings are moving" because they depict various memo-ries and flows in the space.
When the time, the angle, and the viewer change the expression changes each time. The time, the angle, and the viewer changes.
The world I depict is a story, the story that is born within each person.
It is nothing special but in an instant a gift that can be special.
In my painting I have your story.


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