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Rosa Luxemburg, portrait
Pia Dressler-Theis

Rosa Luxemburg, portrait



Title: Rosa Luxemburg, portrait
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 50x50 cm
Technical: acrylic on canvas

"To say what is, remain the most revolutionary act" This is a quote by Rosa Luxemburg that our artist Pia Dressler-Theis wanted to highlight. Pia is an artist of extraordinary sensitivity. Her style can be recognized in several ways. Starting with the choice of subjects: Rosa Luxemburg is a big name in history she was a Polish philosopher, economist, politician and revolutionary naturalised German. Pia fits into the portrait vein but she distinguishes herself by her choice of subject, which invites reflection. Pia's art invites research, it has a social meaning and utility, as well as a purpose of delight. The artist's sensibility is also expressed on a purely technical level, in her choice of predominantly warm palettes, bold brushstrokes, and cloisonnisme-style areas of color. Pia emotionally charges the subject's gaze, which succeeds in communicating with the viewer who begins to ask himself questions. Pia looks for truth in art: we understand this from her style and how she chooses her subjects, to the words she uses to describe her works. This is revealed by the quote given at the beginning.

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