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Big Storm approaching-Red2
Marlies Eggers

Big Storm approaching-Red2



Title: Big Storm approaching-Red2
Year: 2021
Size: 50x50cm
Technique: mixed media, pigments, chalk, oil pastell, marble flour

This serie of Red Paintings was created during an eventful period indoors and outdoors. An emotional and moving phase marked by the red color. Each image is a journey of discovery. The home of the artist, a small northern sea island, brittle dune landscape and the sea significantly influence her work and inspire her to abstract contemplations. In the mudflats, tideways, in the dunes and salt marshes she discovers her motifs. Reduced to shapes, lines, structures, she creates her own worlds from them in her photos and paintings. Tidal pools with their foam bubbles or ice floes in the sea become an infinite universe with small planets in the photo.

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