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Wild Horses VI
Heike LIN Triebel

Wild Horses VI



Wild Horses VI, 2020, 120x140 cm, Mixed media on canvas WILD HORSES, Series Created in 2020 The paintings I till IX of the series „WILD HORSES“ are united by a relatively long artistic process. First, the so-called colour spaces are created: several superimposed layers of acrylic paint, varnish, gauze and oxidation media, which sometimes result in random colour landscapes. Cracks, spatulas and oxidations are used experimentally. Thus, contrasting colours or gold tones can shine through the surface of overlying layers of paint in cracks that have formed. Non-controllable oxidation processes of the colours and tearing techniques become abstract colour spaces, generated by chance. From these colour landscapes, a figurative element crystallises after prolonged contemplation over several weeks. Similar to looking at clouds, images can emerge from them. The discovered figurative element in this series was the horses, further worked on with acrylic paints. But it should not completely detach itself from the background of the picture. „WILD HORSES“ gallop, are impetuous, seem to want to escape from the picture, to leap out of the colour space Artist: Heike LIN Triebel

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