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Yasser MxMyA




Title: FKYU-Ar
Year: 2022
Size: 3000x21555 Px Video
Technique: Hand drawn, digitalized, digitally painted, digital post-production.

A fascination of Glass and its refraction property and fabrication process, along another fasci-nation with calligraphy and it‘s etymological path, fused together to form “FKYU-Ar”. In Arabic writing, the letters can literally move when adding some strokes to them. There are four kinds of movements, which attend to four situations in life: elevated (O), representing the power of ac-tion and the object, it is the weakest to break among the other moves though; unfolded (A), un-derlying the power of elevated movement, but defeats it in effect, it is the subject, and the de-scriptive element of adverbs; swept (Y), the most powerful move of all, representing the “swept on the floor“ kind of situation, it is the Dative mark of the language; still (.), when it comes at the end of a word, it usually induces a poetic narrative. It is the Genetive mark of the language.

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