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Raouf Fallah

Raouf Fallah



Transparency starts in the heart. Painting limitation was the reason for me to change the medium of my work. Later I realized that what makes the forms and concepts of a painting or a drawing - as a medium - also is the feature of quality for that. A short time after the process of thinking and concentrating on this, I came back to my early intuitive and practi-cal structure of my works.

Karaj, Tehran, Iran | 20 February 1986 - Puna University in India
Bachelor of Cinema - Short Film Director- Chink (India) - Sakeravi Mankana (Georgia)- Back Track (Georgia)-Stammer (Iran)
EXHIBITIONS INSIDER France Gallery Summer 2019 - Germany Contemporary Art Space 2018
Golden visa UAE ( for talent artist ) 2021 - Zia art festival in USA 2016 - Art gallery Shan-graf iran tbilisi street show 2017 Louis colus private gallery france 2018
Didi art museum iran (group art exhibition )


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