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Antonietta Grimaldi




Title: Point
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 50x50 cm
Technical: Technique Acrylic on canvas

Everyone has their own conception of art and artistic beauty, but surely what distinguishes and identifies me most is COLOR. The encounter-collision between different shades, allows me to depict the irrepressible and the devastating, unique and unrepeatable visions, which thus take on the universal character of my being and creativity. In all my works there is this continuous ebb and flow between the different natures of color, which generate unique forms, translations of my mood, my conviction, my personal vision of things and the world. Color is my "mirrors of the world." It is my aesthetic language, which accepts no mediation of any kind when it manifests itself, totally unrelated to academic rules, expressing the experienced, the felt, the thought in a unique, unrepeatable and original way. My purpose? That of making a penetrating and unique image in the mind of the beholder, embedded in time, as if suspended within us: an unforgettable experience, outside of history, but always within the memory of the beholder. Because after all, there is no better communicative form than art, the result of a free and liberating creative act of the artist, freed from any scheme, who through it shapes reality according to his own point of view, never neutral, to tell the meanings that he himself finds. A true form of intimacy, because with my works I create an original vision that brings me closer to the viewer at the moment of the enjoyment of it, of the fruition of the beauty I have created: the viewer thus sees and knows my soul and also derives from it meanings different from those I myself wanted to express. And in this I am helped by COLOR, which through its energy and diversity allows me to express in total freedom and vastness my personality. I am able to untie that tight knot of thoughts and experiences that pervades me, erase my certainties and express a broader energy and order, like a drop that disperses in a wave and becomes part of the immensity of the sea. We are free, and to do so we must express ourselves with equal freedom. Freedom that only COLOR can give me."

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