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Susanna Isaksson

Susanna Isaksson



Susanna Isaksson is an artist from the north of Sweden. She is a trained art teacher and have taken many art courses. Above all, the Vedic Art courses have come to mean a lot to her per-sonal development and her journey in the world of art.
Susanna uses mainly acrylic color but also watercolor and mixed media. She often paints multi-ple layers and mark making are also technique Susanna likes. She usually paints colorful, be-cause it gives her energy and then she feels most alive. Susannas biggest source of inspiration is nature, animals and the daily life in Lapland.
For Susanna painting, brushes and color are her language, her safe space. There she can express her inner thoughts, feelings and what she has experienced. In painting, she feels free, experience stillness and can follow her dreams. Through the magical world of colors, anything is possible!
In recent years, intuitive painting and faith have taken a larger place in Susannas life. This can be reflected in many of her paintings.
Susanna has also written and illustrated two children's books. The books were published in 2004 and 2016. Susanna is a member of Swedish Artists Association.


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