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She wasn't there, again, today
Anita Dalen Johansen

She wasn't there, again, today



Title: She wasn't there, again, today
Year: 2018-2021
Size: 90x100cm
Technique: Acryl on canvas

When I was little, I had a ghost visit me at night. She followed me wherever we moved, and she was not friendly. She hurt me and gave me nightmares, and I was the only one who could see her.
I tried telling my parents. Mom kept me busy with ghost-stories.
Dad didn't want to hear about it.
I scared my siblings with what she said and did. Of course, I was just a brat who wanted attention.
The physical visits stopped in my preteens.
In 2018 I tried talking about this with my family and was basically told I deserved it.
Between my siblings and me, they liked me less.
It was the right thing to do to keep my siblings safe, and I handled it fine.
But the nightmares and ptsd is still very real. To the point where I fear becoming "her".

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