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Don’t worry, relax
Bisera Vinagre Bote

Don’t worry, relax



Title: Don’t worry, relax
Year: 2020
Size: 100x100 cm
Technique: Oil on canvas

“The "Happy End" series of pictures, created in 2008 und in 2020, represents a surreal performance of today's western world and a symbolic contrast to the situation in which humanity finds itself in times of economic crisis and the increasing alienation. While “vi-brant” and inviting colors dominate the snapshots presented by “Perle” Vinagre Bote, and the presented figures lead their own “pulsating” lives that take the viewer with them and draw them into the picture, today's world is increasingly losing vitality and shine and col-ors. For example, the images “Desire” or "Don't worry, be happy" show the survival strat-egies of modern society that are necessary to survive the times of extreme uncertainty about the future unscathed and uncertainties due to the current corona crisis, and life in material abundance, shaped by the greed for bodily and material joys. Furthermore, "Bal-lerina in Space" evokes a magically realistic, dystopian vision of what humanity can expect in the future if it continues to ignore the environmental changes caused by its own ac-tions.”

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