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Bianca Turner

Bianca Turner



Born in Alba-Iulia, Romania
Lives & works in Los Angeles, CA

Bianca Turner’s paintings are deeply inspired by nature and its vivid colors, and by the reflec-tions of light. The shiny quality in her work, created by mixing bright colored paint with glitter, represents a fantasy world where her imagination and the elements of the universe intertwine. Turner sees art as “the definition of infinity” and her work explores the continuous transmutation of the evolving essence of life and nature. Visions and words turn into colors and textures to create new narratives in this dimension of infinity.

Turner is a self-taught artist; she holds degrees in economics and biology. Her paintings hang in private and corporate international collections, and at Haegeumgang Museum in South Korea. Her work has been featured in various magazines, and art publications. She received the Woman Art Award from MUSA International Art Space in 2018 and 2020, and the Certificate of Excellence in Art from Creative Circle in Lyon, France. In January 2020 she was awarded with the Leonardo da Vinci International Prize - The Universal Artist, which she received in Florence, Italy.
Since March 2021, the artist became a creator on several NFT platforms where she is minting her digital work.
In June 2021, Turner was part of the curatorial team who organized the art exhibition of HRH Archduchess Gabriela von Habsburg, in Romania. Turner was also one of the main media sponsors, along Forbes magazines, of this European cultural event.
At the beginning of July 2021, Turner expanded her artistic career to lecturing at international art events, the main one for her being The International Festival of Street Art which was held in Timisoara, Romania; her academic dissertation is published in numerous art universities that participated at this seminar.
Turner works from her home studio. Her future art projects include several group exhibitions (in Los Angeles, Milan, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and Shanghai), curatorial charity events for the under-privileged children from Los Angeles who are interested in art and have artistic inclinations, a collaboration with the Royal House of Romania to raise funds for the underprivileged communities, a curatorial event for the artist Diane, Duchess of Wurttemberg and a group exhibition at Torrance Art Museum, in Los Angeles in honor of all people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.


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