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Hideshi Nagayoshi

Hideshi Nagayoshi



Hideshi Nagayoshi 2022.Present
Specially Appointed by the Japan Art Institute, Member of the Regional Cooperative Edu-cation Dissemination Program Committee / Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Nii-gata University

1972 Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
1997 Completed Graduate School of Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts, Major in Jap-anese Painting
1995 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Japanese Painting
1991 Graduated from Asahigaoka High School, Aichi, Japan
Main painting career
2022 5th Christmas Art Competition YOKOHAMA organized by Quarriart, Special Prize of the Jury 2021 The 76th Spring Inten Exhibition of the Japan Art Institute, Unjuried, Spring Exhibition Prize, Adachi Museum of Art Prize
Received Special Prize of Judge, Nikko Toshogu Shrine "Art Kagura Exhibition" organized by Geibutsu Kyokai (The Geibutsu Kyokai), Japan.
Awarded the Grand Prize, 49th Art Exhibition, organized by Niigata Prefecture and the Prefectural Artists' Association
2008 Kawajiri Brush "Festival of Brush and Art" Suiboku-ga Public Contest, Silver Prize (Bronze Prize in 2009)
2007 Shinseido 11th Shinsei Exhibition, Shinsei Prize, Awarded Silver Prize, Art Center's 1st Public Call for Art Exhibition
2003 The 2nd Four Seasons in Takato, Shinshu, Japan Awarded Encouragement Prize (Awarded Encouragement Prize in 2009)
1999 First prize at the 54th Spring Inten Exhibition of the Japan Art Institute (and every year thereafter)
1999 Selected for the first time at the 84th Inten Exhibition (and 21 times since then)
1998 Awarded the Excellent Prize at the 4th Flower and Bird Art Exhibition, Matsukashiwa Museum of Art (2002 Awarded the Grand Prize at the 8th Exhibition)
Solo Exhibitions, Planned Exhibitions, etc.
2019 Niigata Solo Exhibition "Shuji Nagayoshi Japanese Painting Exhibition: A Whisper of Little People", Yahiko no Oka Art Museum, Niigata Niigata Mitsukoshi "~Artists Related to Niigata ~ Inten Exhibition Japanese Painting Special Selection", Planning Exhibition
2016 Solo exhibition at Gallery Araki, Niigata (and every other year thereafter)
2015 Nagoya Solo Exhibition (also held in 2007) Nagoya Mitsukoshi Sakae Takamatsu So-lo Exhibition Takamatsu Mitsukoshi
Niigata Mitsukoshi "Niigata Artists' Small Works Exhibition" (and annually thereafter), To-kyo, 2014 Solo exhibition (also held in 2018), Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi
Niigata "Seven Artists Associated with the Inten Exhibition", planned exhibition, Yahiko Community Center, 2009 Tokyo Solo exhibition, Shinseido Aoyama
2008 Kobe, Kobe Art Center, Kobe Solo Exhibition
2003 "Shinjukai" at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo (6 times since then), exhibition planned
Other Exhibitions
2021 Obtained a scholarship from the Japan Art Institute, a public interest incorporated foundation
2018 "Roadside Drops" by Shuji Nagayoshi published by Gentosha
2016-Present Production of mural painting project for reproduction of the Paradise of Konchoji Temple in Sekikawa Village, Niigata Prefecture (project adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Re-search)
2015: Production and supervision of a project to reproduce the ceiling painting of Haku-san Ehime Shrine, Teradomari, Niigata
2011-present Joint project by Idemitsu Museum of Arts and Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music "Ban Dainagon Emaki, current copy" Heiseihon, Collection of Ide-mitsu Museum of Arts
2008 "The Tale of Genji Picture Scrolls, a joint project by the Gotoh Museum of Art and Tokyo University of the Arts," Heisei Version, "Yugirishihi 1shi, 2shi," Collection of the Gotoh Museum of Art, Tokyo
1997 Research commissioned by Tokyo University of the Arts: "Kikyo," "Benifuyo," "Sen Haoi," and "Chicken Head," reproductions of ceiling paintings from the Momoyama Peri-od, collection of the Osaka Aoyama Museum of History and Literature
He has been selected for many other public, special and solo exhibitions.


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