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Minoru Yoshioka

Minoru Yoshioka



He is an art professor at a high school and he specialized in oil painting at the University. Currently, he has approached experimenting with acrylic color by transfer-ring the technique and experience of oil color to this new painting medium.

Artistic Statement:
My intention is to create works that can be appreciated by human senses. Not only through sight then, but also through touch - perceiving for example the texture of the material - and, depending on the person, taste, smell and hearing can also be perceived.
I would also like to explore the myriad possibilities of painting. In this sense, de-pending on the way a work is painted, it is possible to create depth and visual illusion or, by piling paint on, it is possible to express a certain three-dimensionality on the canvas, a medium that is normally characterized by two-dimensionality.
Brushes, knives, spatulas and the human body itself thus come to the aid of creating a work of art that is a testimony of a person, a testimony of human existence. The sense is therefore to paint in order to leave a consistent trace of life and of the invisible sensations that it carries with it.


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