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Inner Alchemy
Kasia Muzyka

Inner Alchemy



Title: Inner Alchemy
Year: 2021
Size: 30x24 inches
Technique: Mixed Media.

Sacrifice is always a choice, you get to choose what you make out of something. You get to choose what you transmute and what you do not. You get to choose what you pay attention to.

This painting was created from an inspiration of the study of Alchemy and Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and the laws of life. It refers to the three stages in Alchemy: Nigredo (illusion), Albedo (intuition) and Rubedo (red tincture stage where the appropriate action needs to be taken). The three stages needed to symbolically transform lead into gold. We can transform our own life using the same principles as an Alchemist who transforms lead into gold. In our Inner Alchemy (body-psyche) we are able to transmute lower emotions based in fear into higher emotions based in love. If you choose to rise above, you sacrifice your lower state of mind together with the lower emotions transforming these into the higher state and higher emotions. The lower, symbolic lead is necessary as a base material to transform into gold. Life is like that allegory where we undergo inner trials in an alchemical laboratory of our own making. Just like in such a laboratory when enough heat is created and enough tension in our life we can make a conscious choice to elevate our inner energy. It's an experience of life where the darkest and heaviest moments in our life are transformed into knowledge and wisdom and passed to others. Symbolically lead is transformed into gold. It takes the lead to even start that process. It takes that chemical reaction that happens within us to create the miracle.

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