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Dancing Duo

Dancing Duo



Title: Dancing Duo
Year: 2022
Size: 60x80 cm
Technique: mix media

This Painting was made January 2022. I created that painting with a lot of thoughts on my mind. I got inspired by a photo i saw online of a young couple dancing. First i thought of a grand ballroom, see so many people in on place happy and dancing. Then my focus shifted. What if it's all for the show? A place where everything Was just for the fake shine. So I stuck with the theme of a grand Ball but to Focus on just two people dancing. Two people, dressed in fancy clothes in a beautiful Pose. We don't know if the people know each other, if the are lovers, a happy married couple or just two people performing a show. We see them just in this moment. The eyes of the dancers are in black, to hide the emotion those two might have for each other. I would like to inspire the viewer to create his own opinion of the painting.

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