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Andreas Angleitner

Andreas Angleitner



Andreas Angleitner is a self-taught Austrian-based artist from Linz.
His main goal is the creation of multi-layered artworks by mixing harmonic looking combi-nations of colors on two different groundings - canvas and limestone.
In real life he has tendency to risk little which prevents him from experiencing probably good (and also bad) moments very often.
His used materials allow him to become more risky and open-minded.
Crossing borders of colors and developing fusions of color fields help him to break down mental barriers and doubts. It is a sort of facing the unknown and coping with troubles.
Year of birth: 1988
Favorite materials: Ink, Pigments, Limestone, Pastels and Acrylics Favorite techniques: Spatula, Brushes, Pouring and Rubbing


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