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Maico Camilo

Maico Camilo



Maico Camilo, was born in Brazil 1982, and he is a resident of both New Zealand and
Australia. He left his home country to pursue his education at an early age. At age 23, (2005) Maico decided to make a new move to New Zealand and subsequently met his partner and now husband (Lyndon Bray). Due to his partner’s job, Maico has travelled extensively up into Europe, Asia, South America and Oceania.

Camilo has set about exploring his own journey through his art, challenging his own paradigms and his reason for being and not being afraid to explore different vocabularies and communication forms through his art. As a result, he is challenging us all to confront the obvious, in terms of what is going on around us.

“Despite I work on unplanned subjects, elements, emotions, life experiences, which
belong to my subconscious. These subjects relate to or have related to my personal or explored life, encompassing our notion of past, present and future life.

My focus evolves around the exploration of human emotions; hence the journey starts from a place of unknown.

With each piece I start my own journey of self-discovery, ultimately providing the platform for my subconscious to become conscious and the artwork can then stand on its own, bringing the unplanned subject that I started with to life.”


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