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non è niente
Darya Nakvakina

non è niente



Title: non è niente
Year: 2021
Size: 190x280 cm
Technique: polyptych which consists of 35 parts made with acrylic, gauze, enamel, canvas

One day Bismarck was thrown out of a Russian sled into the snowdrift. He smashed his face in blood. He's badly injured. Coachman wiped his face with the snow. He patted his shoulder and repeated: "Nichego, barin, nichego!" And it just made so much sense: con-solation, and encouragement, and compassion, and hope… "Nichego. It's all right. No trouble! Nichego, everything works out; we'll show them yet! We'll recover, we'll recreate, and keep moving!", - much good in that word. More than any other philosophical musings or order to cheer you up. Nichego. Everything will change; all things must pass.

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