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Francesco Pace

Francesco Pace



Francesco Pace was born in 1972 in Teramo.
In 1997 he moved to Bologna and began to travel the world, thanks to the new job that allows him to get to know new cultures, to broaden his horizons and, above all, to get closer to the multiple expressions of international contemporary art.
Self-taught artist, always passionate about pictorial and visual art, he draws and paints for him-self since he was a child.
During the first lockdown of 2020, in the intimacy of his apartment in Bologna, he begins to give life to abstract paintings, all hand painted, through experimentation and the use of new materials, such as acrylics, glues, gypsum and enamels, giving life to unique creations, with multiple visual expressiveness and a strong emotional impact.
In a very short time his work captures the attention of other artists from all over the world who appreciate it and compliment it, particularly art experts and galleries who begin to court him, inviting him to exhibit his works both at Italian and international collective contemporary art exhibitions.


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