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Astrid Krehan

Astrid Krehan



Born in Nuremberg, Germany, Astrid Krehan’s original works convert modern-day spaces and objects into highly saturated color images. Her flowing series often verges on the abstract, whether capturing the tranquility of the rural countryside or the vibrant aura of major cities. As a surface scientist by education, she is drawn into details, patterns, textures, forms and colours that we are surrounded with and are influencing our feelings of comfort. Using various combina-tions of camera techniques and playing with light and colours, her intention is to capture movements, flows and feelings of moments. She gradually integrated these techniques of ab-stract photography into her works when arriving in Shanghai, where she lived and worked for more than seven years. For her the camera is the brush that paints the images that she visualis-es, it is the eye that reveals patterns and colours that are not visible to the human eye.
“The camera is my magic tool to create my work, it enables me to reveal beauty that we other-wise would never see”
Having lived in Asia for a significant time of her life, she would like to bridge the East and the West through her works.

Her art pieces have been regularly exhibited in Shanghai and China and can now be seen in Eu-rope as well.
In 2021 Astrid launched her first art book “INFINITY 无限 “, that was elected as “BOOK OF THE YEAR” by art collector & Art Caffè owner Raffaella Gallo together with Photofairs Shang-hai.


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