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Matthew Mark

Matthew Mark



The artist
Matthew Mark was born, raised, and resides in Edmonton, Alberta. He is a graduate of MacEwan Uni-versity’s Fine Art program and a first generation Chinese Canadian. He is regarded as a post-modern painter. Matthew’s experience of growing up in western Canada, specifically in Alberta, is incorpo-rated throughout his artwork. When it comes to fine and contemporary art, Matthew focuses on his own style of drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation. He explores and experiments primarily with charcoal, pencil and ink, acrylics, watercolour, oil painting, and sculpture.

Artist statement
“When I make art I try to think about it as something separate from the normal world - as if art is a world of its own. As an emerging artist, my goal is to create artwork that is meaningful, powerful, and will have an everlasting impact. I approach my artwork like a reporter. I explore humanity through my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and from life experiences. I take what I have seen, heard, read about, or experienced and incorporate these elements back into my art.
“I see colors, I see clearly, I paint from within passionately.” - Matthew C. Mark


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