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Fountain of life
Patrick Bezalel

Fountain of life



Title: Fountain of life
Year Completed: 2021
Size: 200x120cm
Technical: Resin, oil and acrylic paint

For 30 years of my life, I lived a life pursuing love, dreams and success. A journey of aimless wandering where your thoughts and emotions are never anchored. This all ended when Yeshua found me. I found my purpose and place in Him. My fascination with lofty mountains now took on a new meaning. The mountains used to be a subject of my photography as I travel the world to find misty mountains shrouded in clouds of mystery. The beauty is ethereal. But today, the mountains remind me of my God. From afar, the mountains stand tall and lofty. Majestic and seemingly unapproachable. But as we come near, they welcome and surprise us with flowing waterfalls, beautiful rock formations and trees standing pretty and proud. Today, I continue this journey of wandering and seeking in the safety of His embrace. To know more of His love, more of His dreams and more of His desires.

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