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For Unused 44
Digital Artist

For Unused 44

Digital Artist


I am a Taiwanese composer, textile designer, and visual artist.
In 2021, I self-released an album, “Tell Me I am Dreaming”.
My stage name is For Unused 44.
Living in a city surrounded by factories and working here, I have always been concerned about the impact of mass production. Not only the pollution but also the lifestyle we build. The picture always sticks in my mind, a tree growing around an abandoned building. wastes become the parade of nature. The whole idea inspired me deeply. What kind of memory do we build with nature?
The new plan starting from 2021 is to create an audio visualization with songs and set some equipment to transmit the movement and detail from the textile to the rhythm and visuals.
All the projects are developed by myself and have been completed in my own bedroom, collecting sounds into melodies, recombining and adding some electronic elements, and translating them into visuals. I started making music and visuals about 3 years ago. It's like a new way to write a diary for me, to record some emotion or feeling that is hard to de-scribe in words.
I usually like to take some time walking and listening to others’ perception. Trying to feel the flow and touch different feelings that belong to everyone's life. Such as normal daily life, happiness, sadness, all the feelings that change our face and the tone of our voice. The human voice is my biggest inspiration. I want to use the music to create the rhythm of a whisper.


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