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Yuri Okada

Yuri Okada



She has been drawing pictures since before she can remember. After graduating from university in Japan, she started working for a start-up company.
After six years on the job, she retires. She embarked on a journey.
During the year, he visited 18 countries in Europe, Scandinavia, Oceania, and the Middle East.
She tried to get in touch with people and values from different cultures. Upon returning to Japan, she studied jewelry making and astrology. An encounter with an artist activate her to paint and she began painting abstracts. Since then she has been a professional artist as painter, jeweler, photographer, and astrologer/numerologist.

She held a solo exhibition of paintings in Japan in May 2022. Later, she got in trouble when 15 of her exhibited works were lost by a shipping company. When a friend knew of the trouble of lost paintings, he referred her to the creator of the NFT platform service. The representative interviewed her. An NFT project to locate 15 lost paintings.
She has also met and is working with a partner who does commentary on her paintings. They are considering holding real and digital exhibitions in the future, and are expected to be active in many countries.

It is my mission to follow the voice of my soul or heart and create. I trust the visceral sensations that are inside of me and what happens outside of me.
It is important for this world that everyone be me and be you.
It is as if I am gifting my work to my customers, and it gives me great pleasure to do so. I am grateful to exist in this world, whether you love my work or not.

I believe in the power of painting, not only in the art world but in many different industries. In particular, I would like to embody through my paintings the positive effects on the brain, health, and mind.
I hope that I can be as I am and you can be as you are.


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