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Please Don’t Stare
Laura H. Rubin

Please Don’t Stare



Title: Please Don’t Stare
Year: 2021
Size: 2208x2656 px
Technique: Mp4 Video file - Realistic frame by frame drawing / Digital Drawing - Made in Procreate (Drawing App) - Device: iPad Pro (3rd Gen. 12.9)

When you draw realistic portraits, you spend a lot of time with the character you are creating. Hours, days, weeks... sometimes even months.
You start to wonder how the character is doing: “What‘s on your mind? What makes you who you are?”. The more time I spent with this character, the more I felt she was uncomfortable with me staring at her for so long. Looking at her triggered an oppressive but familiar feeling in me and I felt more and more like I had to help her. I decided to give her the opportunity to hide her face from the viewer and gave her, frame by frame, her own hands behind which she could hide.
Thus, she became a work of art that would rather not be seen.

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