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Chiara Piantanida

Chiara Piantanida



She was born in Piedmont (Italy) in 1986.
She attended the classical high school, taking into interest to umanistic environments, in particular history, philosophy and literature.
Starting from 7 years old to 15 years old she studied with personal teacher piano and em-broidery.
For economic reasons, she could not study at the academy of fine arts, so she took a master's degree in analytical biology, working as a microbiological laboratory’s supervisor in a phar-maceutical company.
In the meantime, she continued to cultivate her passion for the arts, attending photography courses and studying painting and sculpture as autodidact.
She is a lover of sports, in particular for the activities to perform at open air, i.e. horse riding, climbing and skiing.
She started to paint inspired by Frida Kahlo, viewing like her, the possibility to translate in a different language her feelings and her ideas.
She use brushes to express feelings, concepts or points of view regarding specific topics.
She traduces her thoughts in artworks without space and rational logic with the timeline that isn’t a line of past-present-future; her artworks contains symbols and allegories, in order to allow the viewer to find his particular point of view of the artwork, basing on the idea of a paint that can have different interpretations.


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