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Digital Artist


There are many reasons why I started drawing.
My mother was an oil painter. Maybe that's why I've liked drawing naturally since I was a child.
My favorite painter when I was a child, like my mother, was Leonardo da Vinci. That's why I used to like to draw realistic paintings.
At that time, the more I drew, the more I grew. It was the charm of drawing to me that my family and people around me complimented me.
One of the reasons why I draw my picture is because of my desire for approval.
I think it's because I want to be loved by my mother and to be noticed by someone.
Maybe that's why I've liked drawing figure paintings since I was a child. People are very interesting.
Also, when I think about it in Japan, my family wasn't rich, so when I was a child, I often put up with what I wanted.
But the picture was different. If I draw what I want, I can get it.
I tried to get satisfaction from painting.
Even if it doesn't really exist in the world, it can be obtained in the painting.
It was a picture for me that made me realize my thoughts, "If there's such a thing in the world."
When I was a college student, I was fascinated by modern art sculptures and studied sculpture.
Since then, I have been interested in the thoughts contained in artworks, such as ab-stracts, not limited to reality.
So now I draw with my senses on top of the concept. It's fun to draw treasure-like scenes that come to mind like "beautiful, interesting, fascinating" with a brush. Sometimes it changes while drawing. That is, nature and painting will bloom in a better direction.
<About the works>
These works are based on my favorite two colors and basically expressions that can be made with lines.
Black and yellow, and the face (especially the eyes) have mysterious powers that attract people's attention. ( It may be a sign of a desire for approval that I want to attract atten-tion.) Also, the lines change into different shapes, creating a different world even if the base is the same.
It is sometimes beautiful, interesting, poisonous and fascinating.
I would appreciate it if you could travel around each world.

1993 Born in Kyoto, Japan
2016 Graduated from Aichi University of Education, Faculty of Education, Secondary Edu-cation Teacher Training Course, majoring in art, sculpture laboratory

2012 Akari Art, Space Aqua, Aichi
2013 Blue Fruit Exhibition, Citizen Gallery Yada, Aichi
2016 Aichi University of Education Teacher Training CourseSpecialized in Art and Major Contemporary Arts and Arts CourseGraduation and completion production exhibition ma-joring in art education, Kariya Museum of Art, Aichi
2016 Sculpture Exhibition, Citizen Gallery Yada, Aichi
2020 AU 2020, Accessories Exhibition Gallery Art Space (Shimamoto Shozo Gallery), Hy-ogo 2020 Intersection 12, #1010, Aichi


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