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Akie Abe

Akie Abe



1997: Born in Japan
2020: Graduated from Akita Public University of Art, majoring in communication design
2020: Received 'CNA Akita Cable TV Special Award' at Akita Public University of Art Graduation Exhibition Blue Ocean View”

About my art work:
I create a variety of works that transcend genres, but the inspiration for my "art" works in particular comes from the body. Since I was a child, I have had a lot of pigment spots on my arms and legs due to a disease called "Legius Syndrome”.
My disease is only a symptom of 'partially different skin color, it is not contagious, pain-less, and not life-threatening. Strictly speaking, nothing hurts me except prejudice and discrimination against my appearance.
Once I saw a gorgeous and beautiful variety of flowers with variegated ivy and patterned petals I noticed that the irregular colors that make up the surface have an 'accidental' or 'natural' beauty and interesting patterns. The pigment spots that appear on my human body, their shape, size, number, and places of occurrence are all 'irregular and accidental"
but such appearance of patterns themselves are determined by DNA, and I It is a regular and inevitable occurrence, thanks to the genes of I was interested in that, and wanted to make art about the similarities between my existence with skin disease and things in the natural world, and the wonder and fun of naturally occurring patterns that appear on people.
It is natural and normal to have pigment spots on my body. Including that, it is "I".
Through my art work, I want to express that even if a persons skin color is not uniform,
it has a mysterious, pop, and attractive value, just like a variegated plant.
Also, in my work, it is not my intention to imply that this disease is a serious problem
that I would like people to understand because it is pathetic to have pigment spots.


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