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Fulfill a wish
Hiromu Konno

Fulfill a wish



Title: Fulfill a wish

Year: 2018

Size: 33.3×24.2 cm

Technique: Color pencil, Pencil | Nexus Paintings

Description: In Japan, there is a four-character idiom called "shingan-zyouzyu" .It means that dreams and wishes come true if you pray from the bottom of your heart and wish. Since ancient times in Japan, there has been a way of thinking of "Yaoyorozu-no-kami." In Japan's oldest history book "Kojiki," it says, "Yaoyorozu-no-kami, collection of gods in the safe rivers of heaven," which contains the message that god exists everywhere in nature (mountain, earth, sea, sky, etc.) and should cherish nature. If you look at the motifs of this artwork, you can see various genres such as apples and grapes (=fruit: soil), cherry blossom branches (=plant: earth), octopus (=sea life: sea), and hawk wings (bird: sky).It has global issues such as COVID-19 and environmental problems. Because of this situation, I am grateful for the nature, the scenery and daily life I usually see, and the concept that I can achieve my dreams and wishes by thinking positively. I hope the color inversion of this artwork will serve as an opportunity to think positively about your story.

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