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Santa Claus is coming
Francesca Loi

Santa Claus is coming



Title: Santa Claus is coming
Year: 2020
Size: the artwork can be sold and printed in different media, such as photos, t-shirts, tote bags, neck-laces with cabochon (30x40 mm-18x25 mm), canvas dimensions A4 or higher
Technique: digital collage

The edit was created from three of my photos taken during my travels. When I have an inspiration, I try to find among my shots those that fit better with each other, and then I create a collage as much like what I want to represent.
In this case we were under Christmas and I wanted to represent an out-of-the-ordinary Santa, creepy, bad ready to go and punish the bad kids: I would say a Grinch Santa Claus. In the background the colors were created by an application called “Mextures”, there’s also one of Santa’s reindeer.

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