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Yasue Kobe

Yasue Kobe



Yasue Kobe, also known as “Yaya” is a contemporary artist, originally from Tokyo, who is also a social entrepreneur, networker and digital marketer.
A product of the New York University, she first became known for “Cat’s Talk”, a project she ini-tiated in 2004, which included a series of multimedia works culminating in her 2007 exhibition in Santander under the sponsorship of the Spanish Government.
Her series “The Planets” in collaboration with JAXA The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, was a further mixed media expression of her ongoing love of colour.
She has since continued to develop her own interpretive style using bold colours to explore and emphasise the features of a series of landscapes.
She researches extensively, plans carefully and executes precisely resulting in a limited number of beautiful canvases to treasure.


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