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Alicja Mielczarek

Alicja Mielczarek



I was born and raised in Poland. At 6 years old, I discovered the magic of oil paints and felt a pull toward art. By the age 20, I had dedicated my life to art, and helping others connect with their own creative passion.
Through paintings, I create a new world. Not every brush stroke is conscious. However, coincidences don’t exist.
I believe that life is full of hidden magic anyone can discover if they seek it. My mixed-media and oil paintings are inspired by the beauty of nature and the experience of human emotion.
I paint from my studio in East Yorkshire, England.

I believe that life is full of hidden magic, a force that invites the flowers to bloom, the sky to swirl, and the stars to sparkle at night. This creative power not only fuels our dreams, it also lights the path toward achieving our greatest ambitions. In the routine of everyday life, it’s easy to overlook this magic.
While painting, I feel like I'm transported into the world of my canvas where everything is possible. Not every brush stroke is conscious, however, coincidences don’t exist. Through my art I want to motivate people to see this magic, dream big and follow their passion in life.


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