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Christelle Grange

Christelle Grange



French artist from Lyon, Christelle Grange was born in 1980. She is completely self-taught and was truly overwhelmed by the passion of painting in 2008.
From sketches in pencil, then in charcoal, she began to realize portraits in pastel, fascinated by the work of lights that the pastel blur allows, and the precision of the lines she can obtain.
Then the pastel naturally gave way to acrylic. The desire to give life on her canvases to the faces that inspired her, has gradually turned into a deeper desire to let her emotions speak, to deposit on her canvas what inhabits her and to make her deep self the only guide for her hand.
Christelle Grange works intuitively, refusing any objective control of her gestures. She starts her painting only after a long work of interior maturation of her subject of study, which she defines gradually when a conjunction of elements is created around her thread, her inspiration of departure. It comes from readings, music, emotions in her personal life, movies...
Christelle begins to know where she should go when everything echoes. A need to treat her subject imposes itself on her and leads her to prepare her canvas to deposit this intellectual and sensory bubbling.
Music is one of the major sources of inspiration for this artist, it is also essential to guide her gestures and her body to body with her canvas.
Christelle likes to work with the transparency of colors, driven by her obsession with creating plays of light and depth. She tries to respond to her desire to place humanity at the center of an infinite and poetic universe.
At the end of 2019, she decided to show her paintings to a wider audience than her circle of friends. Her first exhibition takes place in the cultural center of her district, she will expose her paintings for two months.
A month later, after the end of this exhibition, Christelle met a painter Johanne Joe who was also the artistic advisor of a gallery in Saint Etienne.
The interest that this one brings to Christelle by proposing her the same evening a collective project, is engine for the artist to bring more visibility to her work.
Christelle then concentrated on creating her public page on social networks and exhibiting her paintings on the online artgallery ARTMAJEUR.
The feedback from the public was so positive that the artist decided to submit her work for the selection of artists for the next international contemporary Art fair ARTSHOPPING
Christelle Grange is selected, an incredible recognition for her that she learns less than a year after her first exhibition.
She will exhibit some of her paintings in October 2021 at the Carroussel du Louvre in Paris.
Also her paintings will be very soon exhibited and for sale on the prestigious platform ARTSY, where she is about to be featured by Visual Voices International group in New York.


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